WK : 100.00€
WE : 110.00€
Duration : 60 mn

pregnant women: from 3 months of pregnancy

Aromatic oil massage

Massage with aromatic oils is the gentler application of certain techniques of traditional massage enhanced by the virtue of oils with captivating scents. The aim of massage with oils is above all the relaxation and relaxation of the person. It is common for Thais to use this technique to compensate for stress or mild sleep deprivation, or just to recover from a busy week or weekend. The combination of fluid movements on the body with the property of high-quality natural oils indeed allows the detoxification of the body. Here only the hands, phalanges, forearms and elbows are used. Compared to traditional massage which also takes care of the skeleton and joints, massage with oils mainly focuses on ligaments, muscles, and possibly organs.