WK : 150.00€
WE : 160.00€
Duration : 90 mn

Pregnant women: from 3 months of pregnancy

Hot Oil Massage

Originating in India, this massage uses warm aromatic oil, kept at a constant temperature throughout. Thai Hot Oil Massage stimulates the essential sensory organs and can help to prevent numerous ailments. Thai Hot Oil Massage alternates smooth movements and deep pressure, accompanied by tapping and rubbing movements to relieve the tensest muscles. Thanks to the kneading of muscles with palms, Thai Hot Oil Massage releases tension and helps balance the free circulation of energy. The oil used is calming and purifying, ensuring deep relaxation. The fragrances selected, such as Jasmine and Green Tea ; ensure total well-being. This relaxing massage combines the therapeutic effects of the oil, with the effectiveness of Traditional Thai Massage in clearing energy points and lines. Thai Hot Oil Massage is both relaxing and stimulating at the same time.